What is an Information System? 5 Components, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages [PDF Included]

In this digital era, we all are somehow accustomed to the word “Information System” although not well-versed with the concept or definition. If asked what is “Information System” one will definitely say the words like computer or network or database. But an information system is much more than just a computer or network. It surrounds us almost every time and is changing every day. Nowadays, life seems impossible without it. From the smartphones in our hands, the Wi-Fi networks on our college campus–to the traffic lights, sales management, and billing systems in the shopping malls, etc.–Information System is virtually in every walk of our life.

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Communication Skills – Importance and Examples

Communication skills are the abilities you use when giving or receiving any kind of information. These skills allow you to understand or be understood by others. These involve speaking, listening, observing, and empathizing. Communication skills help you understand the differences in how to communicate through face-to-face interactions, digital communications (chat, email, text message), and telephonic conversations.

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Importance of Communication, Pdf

Some of the primary objectives of communication are to convey information like instructions, policies, procedures, decisions etc., so the listener can read, hear and understand what is said and accept the message.

Communication enables a group of people to think and act together. Without communication, there will be no organization. Poor communication leads to poor coordination and similarly, cooperation depends on communication.

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What is Communication? Characteristics, Communication Process, Factors, Types Of Communication, 7 Cs of Communication

Communication is the act of transferring information from one person, group or place to another.

Each communication needs at least one sender, one recipient, and a message. Maybe it sounds simple but actually, communication is a very complex subject.

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