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Some of the primary objectives of communication are to convey information like instructions, policies, procedures, decisions, etc., so the listener can read, hear and understand what is said and accept the message.

Communication enables a group of people to think and act together. Without communication, there will be no organization. Poor communication leads to poor coordination and similarly, cooperation depends on communication.

Now let’s discuss some importance of communication.

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Importance OF Effective Communication

A. Connection

Connection is the most important factor between the sender and receiver. Without connection, no one can build any relationship with others. And most importantly, communication helps one to connect with others.

B. The Basis of Coordination

The manager explains the organizational goals, achievement, interpersonal relationships, and organizational goals to the employees. This provides coordination between departments and employees. Here, communication acts as a basis for coordination.

C. Fluent Working

A manager coordinates the physical elements and the human of an organization to run it efficiently. This coordination is impossible without proper communication.

D. Increase In Size

To handle a large scale of operation in a business firm, effective communication has been largely felt.

E. Growing Specialization

An increase in departments has headed to the requirement of specialization inside the organization. Sound communication is essential for ensuring mutual understanding between different departments for the smooth functioning of the organization.

F. Competition

Due to globalization and liberalization, intense competition has resulted between public, private, and foreign banks. Now communicating through the newspaper, mass media, social media and advertisements, etc. has become the most important survival factor in the rat race.

G. Decision Making

Proper communication provides information that is necessary for decision-making for the managers. The decision shouldn’t be taken in the absence of information. So, communication is the basis for making the correct decisions.

H. Trade Union Movement

Basically, trade unions are very powerful and strong. Consulting and regular exchange of information helps to maintain a healthy relationship between them. In this case, communication is considered the most necessary factor.

I. Human Relations

To develop confidence and mutual trust, it is important for both employees and management to communicate with each other. In the management process, the participation of employees has bought in a sense of belonging and loyalty toward the organization.

J. Public Relations

Every organization wants to keep its stakeholders, government, customers, and the other section of society informed about its products and contribution to society. It helps to build goodwill for the organization.

K. Personal

Good communication skills are required for every successful job. The ability to communicate in an effective manner is equally important for promotion in a career. A manager should be a good public speaker and every employee should have the proper sense of communication to maintain their interpersonal relationships. This is why communication is so important in every field and every moment in our life.

L. Interpersonal relationships

Communication is the key to sharing a good relationship with your family members. Through Communication, family members share their sorrow, happiness, thoughts, and stories. It helps you to share a good relationship with your family.

Neglecting communication causes uncomfortable relationships with close members of your family.

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What is Communication?

Communication is the act of transferring information from one person, group, or place to another.

Each communication needs at least one sender, one recipient, and a message. Maybe it sounds simple but actually, communication is a very complex subject.

The transmission of the message from the sender to the recipient can be affected by a lot of barriers. These include our cultural situations, emotions, location, and the medium used to communicate. For these barriers, accurate, effective, and unambiguous communication is actually extremely hard. read more>>

What is Communication.

What is Decision making in management?

 Decision making is the judgment of the process by which one can choose between a number of alternative courses of action for the purpose of achieving goals.  Managerial decision making is synonymous with the whole process of management. It decides, what should be done? how should it be done? when and by whom should be done? A decision may also be conceived as a conclusion that a manager has reached so as to know what he should do later on. It calls for both judgemental and imagination activity to select one from many alternatives, so decision making is an intellectual activity. read more>>


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