Management is an art or science, Is management an Art or Science essay?

Management is an art or science. To manage effectively, a manager must have not only the necessary abilities to lead but also a set of critical skills acquired through time, experience, and practice. But modern days a manager can do better by using his knowledge, methods, concepts, theories, etc. of managing at the workplace.

So, one question always comes into our mind, Is management is an art or science essay? Well, Management is an art of getting things done, and management is a process so it is science also. It got properties of both art and science.

management is an art or science

Management is an art or science?

Before decide management is an art or science, let me explain, What is management?

Management is the process of planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and controlling resources such as human beings, material, time, and money to accomplish the organizational mission.  Good management is the backbone of every successful organization. Managing life means getting things done to achieve life’s objectives and managing an organization means getting things done with and through other people to achieve its objectives.

 All organizations have objectives that are the desired targets that the manager hopes to achieve. Management may be called an art as well as a science. Management combines features of both art and science.

Management is a science :

Management has a scientific basis because management techniques are susceptible to measurement and factual determination.

Similar to science management skills are experimental and also developed by trial and error process. There is an availability of systematic and organized study material.

Organized knowledge

If we compare, management nowadays is a specific field of organized knowledge. Concepts, methods, principles, theories, etc. are now the essence of management.


Science requires clear “concepts” of mental images of anything created by generalization from details. Similarly, managing has concepts to deal with a particular situation.

Methods and principles

Scientific method” involves the determination of facts through experimentation.

This leads to the formation of “principles” which have value in predicting what will happen in similar circumstances. Similarly, management requires investigation and sets standards or principles according to it. 

Management is an art :


Management is an art because management means coordinating and getting work done through others. Art is result-oriented. Management works are also the goal or result-oriented.

Practice and creativity

Management is based on repeated practice and creativity, as required in art.

Every artist turns better through practice and learning from their mistakes. Similarly, managers become more professional as he spends more time in management thought.

An artist has to think out of the box to be more creative and creates extraordinary things. Similarly, management is all about finding a new and better way to manage an organization.

Practical Knowledge

Art requires practical knowledge, only learning theory is not sufficient. Like, how to sing does not make you a singer, you must know all the compositions to be able to sing a song properly.

Similarly, you have a management degree and you know what a manager does, this doesn’t make you an manager. You must know how to apply management knowledge in real-life situations to be considered a manager.

Personal Skill

One must have some qualities or personal skills that make them unique. Management has its own approach towards each individual problem, and this ability will develop with experience.

Conclusion for management is an art or science :

In this article “Is management is an art or science essay“, we have learned management as a science, and as an art. So we can conclude that management is an art as well as a science. It got properties of both art and science.

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