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What is Organization? Definition, Concept, Process, Types

The concept of an organization refers to a structured and coordinated group of individuals or entities working together to achieve common goals or objectives. It involves the division of labour, delegation of responsibilities, and establishment of hierarchies to ensure effective functioning and efficient use of resources.

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Human Resource Accounting: [PDF Inside] Method, 3 Major Aspects, Example, Objectives, Functions, Benefits, And Negatives

Human resource accounting is a type of accounting that focuses on measuring the value of a company’s human resources, such as its employees, in financial terms. The basic idea behind human resource accounting is that a company’s workforce is a valuable asset, just like its physical assets, and should be accounted for in a similar manner.

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What is Financial Management? (PDF Included) Definition, 5 Scopes, Importance, Types, Objectives, Functions, Advantages and Disadvantages

financial management refers to the diplomatic planning, organizing, directing, and supervising of financial undertakings in an organization. It also comprises applying management principles to the financial resources of an organization, while also playing a significant part in economic or budgetary management.

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Human Resource Management; Functions, Importance & Benefit

Human resource management is the organizational function that manages all the issues related to the people in an organization. That includes but is not limited to compensation, recruitment, and hiring, operation management, organization development, security, wellness, benefits, employee encouragement, communication, policy administration, and training.

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Resource Management | Definition, Importance & Techniques

In the last few decades, resource management has become a very crucial part of modern business structure. This area is quite a bit mature. An array of novel ideas has been introduced ever since it started growing. Resource management has appeared as an independent discipline after organizations became complex with matrix structure and extended in multiple geographies.

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