What is product design?, Requirements, Factors affecting Product Design, Effect of product design on cost.

Product Design:

Before starting to manufacture a new product or improve a product, it is essential to design the product first. 

When a new idea has been conceived and developed to the point at which it shows itself to be both technically and commercially stable, it considers how the product should be made, Factors affecting product design, etc. 

 New and improved product design idea comes from consumer’s feedback, Research and development, and other competitor’s products.

 Product design deals with both form and function. Form design takes care of the shape of the product and functional deals with it’s working.

A design department consists of designers, engineers, and draughtsmen. Making of a new or modified product will require the service of the following department of the company.
  •       Marketing.
  •       Research and development.
  •       Design.
  •       Manufacture.
  •       Account and personnel. 


What is product design?, Requirements, Factors affecting Product Design, Effect of product design on cost.
Product Design


    Product Design Requirements:

    The essential requirements of a good product design are it should earn profit with consideration of customer satisfaction.

     In order to achieve customer satisfaction-

    • The product should be function correctly and possess the desired degree of accuracy. 
    • The product should be easy to operate.
    • Product design should be such that it is easy to achieve accessibility for servicing.
    • The product should to compact and obtain good space utilization.
    • The price of the product should be reasonable compare to other products in the market.

    In order to make an adequate profit-

    • The product should easy to manufacture within available resources.
    • A well-design product will consist of a minimum number of parts.
    • Good product design will call for a minimum number of operations and needed less raw material.
    • A well-designed product should be easy to peak and distribute.

    Effect of product design on cost:

    1. Product cost depends on product design, complicated design makes the cost higher, and vice versa.
    2. Production cost is made up of direct labor cost, direct material cost, direct expense, and indirect expense cost.
    3. The product should be designed with a material that is cheaper, machinable, and long-lasting at the same time. Product should be made from minimum material to reduce machining and material cost.
    4. Alternative cheap material can be used. For example, Aluminium can be used for making casting instate of magnesium alloy or non-metals can be used depending upon the requirement.
    5. Product cost can be reduced if there is a better mutual understanding between design and manufacturing division. It may be possible to reduce the cost of products in order to compete in the market.  
    6. Product cost maybe reduces by applying value analysis.
    7. A product should be designed with fewer parts. lesser the number of component lesser the product cost.
    8. Some component of the product which cannot be economically and easily produced, it should purchase from outside suppliers.
    9. Productivity should be higher so that product can sell at a lower cost.

    Factors affecting Product Design:

    Product design depends upon the following factors:

    1. Technical factors.
    2. Industrial design factors.
    3. Designing for production-economic factor.

    1. Technical factors:

    • Kind of workers will be working (skilled or unskilled) and condition of noise, vibrations, heat, etc.
    • Accuracy, speed, feed, types of materials used, etc should be considered in the time of product design.
    • product design determines how often maintenance and repair will be required.

    2. Industrial Design factors:

    • Product should be function at minimum cost and the product should have a pleasing appearance.
    • Ensure that product suitable for human use and it should not cause excessive fatigue to the workers.

    3. Design for Production-economic factors:

    • The material should be cheapest and minimum amount of material being used in making each component part.
    • Waste during production should be minimized.
    • Product design should be such as it makes the best use of factory layout and project needs to complete with the available labor.
    • Does the product design allow maximum possible tolerance?
    • Design needs to be simple, keep type, and varieties of parts to a minimum.
    • Right finish being use consistent with cost, endurance, and appearance requirements.

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