Management Vs Administration | Differences Between Management And Administration

Administration and management both are a very significant function of any organization. Without management, there is no organization and also without administration, there is no management. These two are complementary to each other.

In this article we are discussing about the topic Management Vs Administration.

Management vs Administration

What Is Management?

Management is defined as the act of managing people and their work for achieving an organization’s goal using its resources.

It also defined as the art of work done through people, with the satisfaction of the employees, employer and the public.

Planning, leading, motivating, organizing, coordinating, controlling, and
decision making are the major activities of the management. The 5Ms ( Men, material, machines, methods and money) of the organization are bought together by the management.

Basically, General Manager and CEO are the two administrative persons who maintain the overall management process through accurate planning, decision making, financial activities and human resources.

Functions of management

 Managers manage the organization towards certain goals, in order to achieve that, managers perform certain functions, basically, these functions are called the functions of management. Some functions are:

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Staffing
  • Directing
  • Controlling….read more

What Is Administration?

The administration is an organized process of administering the management of an organization, an educational institution like a college or school, government office or any nonprofit organization. The main function of administration is the making of plans, procedures and policies, setting up goals and targets, enforcing rules and regulations, etc.

The administration is like a backbone to any organization to pursue the maximum organizational objectives. The success of any organization partially depends on the performance of the administration unit.

The duties of the administrative experts are to planning, maintain coordinating the programs and provide groundbreaking direction to achieve the organization’s target without any organizational crisis.

The administrator team should be highly skilled in business communication for handling external affairs.

Functions Of Administration

The administration is for administrating the management of an organization. In order to do this administrators performs certain actions, these are called the functions of administration.

Here are some functions of administration:

  • Planning
  • Budgeting & Pricing
  • Co-ordinating
  • Staffing & directing
  • Controlling
  • Reporting & recording….. read more

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Key Differences between Management and Administration

Difference By Definition:

Management is the act of managing people and their work for achieving an organization’s goal using its resources where the administration is an organized process of administering the management of an organization.

Extent Difference:

Management is exacting the discharge of policies where the administration is exacting the assurance of primary policies and objectives.

Working Area:

Management is a low and mid-ranked function, it means, it works for the low, medium and top levels organizational needs of an enterprise.

But the administration is a high-ranked function, which means, it entirely manages the overall management activities and demands of a company with proper planning and organizational resources.


Decisions of the management are controlled by the goals and policies of an organization where administrative decisions are controlled by a common belief and other forces. They also focus on MBO.

Management mainly has control over business concerns. On the other hand, the administration has control over the government or national sectors.

Changing Factors:

The management style of an organization also can be changed with the removal or employment of a new manager or leader.

Where the administrative procedures or policies are slower to change or may remain in the place for many generations of management.

Difference by Focusing Area:

The management focuses to implement new ideas through researches and innovative resources to achieve the organization’s target.

On the other hand, the administration of an organization aims to fulfil all requirements to secure the highest objectivity for their business.


Which is Better, Administration or Management?

In this topic Management Vs Administration, it is very difficult to choose which organizational role is better than the other. Management and administration both are important to an organization. Somewhere management shows their importance in an organization or in some field administration shows why they are so important in the formation of an organization.

The administration is Beyond Management:

Some European think that the administration is beyond management. Both are participating in different activities. The administration is mainly focused on the formulation of policies, where management is involved in the execution of those policies.

Administration And Management Are Equivalent:

This is the toughest approach to evaluate the kind of relationship among them. Some of the very popular and famous management contributors do not recognize any difference between them. Bot contains similar processes, principals functions and also chases the same targets. This is why administration and management are equivalent in nature.

Administration Is a Unit Of Management:

According to this approach, management is an extensive term consisting of some functions along with a number of administrative functions. Here management involves the policy creation function, where administration manages routine periodic functions.

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