What is Marketing Mix? [PDF Inside] or 4Ps of the Marketing Mix, 7 Ps of Marketing,

A marketing mix is a set of tools used to promote a product or service in the market. It is also known as the 4Ps (product, price, place, promotion) of a marketing strategy. Using these components, a business can maximize its profit and the chances of its product being recognized by customers.

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What is marketing? [PDF Inside] Definitions, 4 Ps, Types, & Advantages of Marketing

Marketing is the process of getting consumers interested in your product or service. It involves researching, analyzing competitors, promoting, distributing as well as learning more about your customers to find new ways to get them excited and attract them with promises.

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Difference Between Sales and Marketing [PDF Included]

Sales are the delivery of products from the manufacturer to consumers in exchange for money and marketing is basically understanding the customer’s need and introducing products accordingly.
Sales basically follow a fragmented and product-oriented approach, whereas marketing follows an integrated and customer-oriented approach.
Sales focus on maximizing the seller’s profit but marketing focuses on generating profit through customer satisfaction.
Sales follow the push strategy and marketing follows the pull strategy.
The target audience of sales is both individuals and organizations, moreover, the target audience for marketing is the public.
The primary objective of sales is to influence the target audience to become a buyer, and the primary objective of marketing is to identify customers’ needs and make products accordingly.

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